Teaser for the next Citroen DS

Teaser for the next Citroen DS

Citroen DS range seems to fill quickly. In just two years the concept has translated into DS3, DS4 and DS5. The French are preparing to enter in the most difficult area of the premium segment, the next DS will be the largest in the range.

Even today, Citroën has published on the official Facebook page, first-teaser picture of the future flagship. Although we are dealing with an artistic image, made quite clear, intentional, we observed a significant influence of the concept Citroen Metropolis.

Limousine, presented as a concept at Shanghai Auto Show 2010, announce a new design for the brand of Hexagon, marked by sharp lines and large consoles. With a spectacular design, the show car was made even by the design team organized by Citroen in Shanghai. The car from teaser presents the same proportions, but the headlights look to be new, and the doors seem to be conventional.


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