Fiat: The “Greenest” Manufacturer in 2011

Fiat: The “Greenest” Manufacturer in 2011

The consulting company Jato Dynamics prepares a top of greenest car manufacturers every year by looking at the average CO2 emissions of the cars sold in Europe. Specifically, experts gather CO2 emissions of each model, then divide the resulting amount by the total number of vehicles sold.

Fiat has taken the first place with an average of only 118.2 g/km, down by 4.9 g/km compared to 2010. Even taking all brands of Fiat Group into account (Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati), the Italians remain favourites with an average of 123.3 g/km CO2 emissions. That’s 2.6 g/km lower than in the last year.

In 2006 Fiat cars had an average of 137.3 g/km, so within 5 years they have reduced emissions by 14%. Moreover, Fiat has already managed to surpass the limit of 130 g/km, which EU will require the car manufacturers to reach by 2015.

The factors which have helped the Italian manufacturer to maintain this result for the fourth year in a row are a particular interest in LPG engines and serious investments to increase efficiency of the TwinAir 2-cylinder engine (which won the title of the Engine of the Year 2011).


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