Honda VTR250 Competitors of Kawasaki Ninja ZX250R

Honda VTR250Honda VTR250
Kawasaki Ninja ZX250RKawasaki Ninja ZX250R

At first, manufacturers have been producing Honda VTR 250 in 1997 when the market is increasingly targeted at the domestic production for the Japanese market. And after all these years, the Honda VTR 250 eventually exported overseas, especially to Europe with the course design tailored to the desires of local consumers.

So Honda VTR 250 was made of this. With the aim to make it look sexy and powerful tight, this new motor using V-Twin engine 90 degrees, and 4 valve liquid-cooled. Here there is no difference between the bore and stroke it with previous versions, VTR 250 Interceptor 1989-1990 sold in America.

And it seems the two motors are increasingly using the same machine. It was perceived as sufficient capital to compete with the motor manufacturer, Kawasaki, Ninja 250 R. As is well known that the VTR 250 Honda engine has a power equivalent engine Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, which is about 30 hp at maximum torque 10,500 rpm.

Yet there has been no official confirmation of the price for Honda VTR 250 in Europe. If the manufacturer Honda really intend this to menarungkan motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja ZX 250 R, it's likely there will be a price range around USD 5900 or USD 64 million or more (excluding taxes)


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