Snowman: A low-cost Volkswagen Touareg from Skoda?

Snowman: A low-cost Volkswagen Touareg from Skoda?

Skoda may be fully considered a success, both within the industrial group VAG and compared to the global automotive industry. However, there are departments that seem to be very promising, and this advantage also comes from the parent corporation that provides unconditionally optimal technical platforms.

It seems that the company is preparing its offensive to the large SUV segment. Most likely, the platform used by the Czechs will be the Volkswagen Touareg. However, is not excluded the elongation of compact MQB platform from which will benefit the future Volkswagen Golf and Passat, and the new generations of Seat Leon and Audi A3.

Skoda’s SUV would wear the name Snowman, which retains the name of Czech 4×4 cars. Even so, it is likely that the final name to be Grand Yeti, in the case of adoption of the two technical platforms.

The great advantage that the SUV will have on the car market will be given by the possibility that the upcoming version to be offered in both standard and long wheelbase, but here’s a hot detail: it seems that Skoda prepares an SUV-coupe with four doors, inspired by BMW X6, which supreme argumet will consist of very tempting price.


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