The Alliance Between GM and PSA Brings Two New Cars

The Alliance Between GM and PSA Brings Two New Cars

Although  just a few weeks have passed after formalising the partnership between GM and PSA, the two already began to exchange the employees for a successful cooperation.

GM’s CEO, Dan Akerson says that it wants to develop at least two passenger cars by early autumn 2012. These cars would go into production in 2015 in the U.S. market and in 2016 in the rest of car markets. Although there is great concern in PSA group on the purchase of new materials and services, the head of GM, said that joint projects could become more important due to the alliance.

They want to produce a car which will fit in small class and a sedan in larger class. The small class will be sold on the European market. Initially will focus on markets from South America and even consider the Chinese market, where currently the partner models are sold individually, while the local partnerships are well established and safe for both GM and PSA.

Both companies have manufacturing plants in Brazil and Argentina where sold mainly small cars sold. It seems that in this region PSA wants to launch new models in the same time as in the European market and not after, as they did in the past.


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