Binz presents Mercedes-Benz E-Class XXXL

Binz presents Mercedes-Benz E-Class XXXL

If megalomaniac spirit meets occasionally with the need of space, Binz has the ideal solution. The E-Class longer possible, but also the most strident. Binz is a German Company known for the extravagant projects, especially models such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class, which are treated by stretching. This time, however, the tuner seems to have decided that the need for space goes hand in hand with the desire of show off.

Thus, the new E-Class Binz is the perfect tool for those who like attention. The orange pearl screaming fits perfectly with the carbon cap, and if you wonder how many cm in length gained the new model, well, the answer is 86.

The total length of the car reached at 5.76 meters, but Binz guarantee that its security was not threatened at all. ESP has been recalibrated against the new size and speed was limited to 210 km/h. The price for this car will be 125,000 euro.


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