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A couple of weeks it was a Suzuki Katana Ceper in my local bike shop. And it is a magnet for all, despite the presence of very modern equipment of high quality. It was the first time I saw the legendary Katana closely, and I thought it was better in the metal than in pictures. Katana Steve Adams, however, looks fantastic in the photos, and shows the enduring power of Fell Power / Muth box design.

English Adams said he started cycling in 1980, when he was 16. It started with Vespa and Lambretta, but when he was 19, he had progressed to a mighty Katana 1100th "Although he only held one or two years before he left a great impression," he said. (Personally, I am surprised he is still alive.) "Three years ago I started saying that I wanted a bike, and concluded that a Katana would fit the bill." Adams had no illusions chassis 30 years, but to know that "to make my glasses rose-brown shit." Thus began Kat looking for a donor, which could block mercilessly, without feeling guilty. "I bought a non-operating 82 750, carried home and to destroy. My original idea was to use an engine and chassis Bandit Bandit 1200, so I bought a donor too." Recognized however, that the biggest Adam's Katana air-cooled engine is a sign of the bike and body, and sold the bandits.

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I do not know why millions of Yamaha with a surprise call from the children's murder. because he heard the news of the compass in the car told. Yamaha chopper in my amendments is yamaha modifikasi unique surprises dollars. Modification of the engine and took less than 6 months. Changes in millions of Yamaha. Parameter is not used in the original order for the change.

but what the framework is a tubular structure with a diameter of 3 inches. Instrument on this bike is also unique. Indicators of gasoline with a small bottle. Yamaha rear suspension million helicopter was removed from the waste. Chopper flight of my Yamaha to the back with a very small hole hidden sepatbord. and for further details, photos and videos from Yamaha Chopper changes below.

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Unique Motor Modifikasi

This is a great class podium change Extreme Contest CARS Plus. Last week, in the auditorium of the UPN Veteran, was Allan Suzuki Shogun excellent filly. Modifier Doska judge. Minister SUPEN, Gg. Dewi Sartika, UH VI/1206A, Pekalrejo, Yogyakarta. Is this a special competition for the title to change the engine. The concept I smell duck fight MOGE bad road. Do not let the left-right, you do not use motor sport fairing. All parts of the body dilengser.Dimulai age change in the foot, the foot determine the duck seems robust. the future of the suspension of 5 cm, combined catches Almu innate arm Yamaha TZR 125th Print Mencuat live with the rear swingarm Allan longer works. Soft monosok cut gas stolen Yamaha Ohlins R6.Tampang Orsi violent harmonious facade rests on the stern. Glass fiber mat made seat multi-level model. "Overview of the sharks as pemangsa mouth," the father of a daughter of this supplement.

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Yamaha jupiter z modifikasi

Good Yamaha Jupiter ModifikasiMotor Jupiter Z ModifYamaha jupiter z modifikasi Come addition to Yamaha Jupiter z modifikasi with new customers, because he considered part of the consumption and Yamaha products observers, including this community is to help data for new products, their capabilities have increased from 110 cc to 115 suspected DC can be successful in the market . And as stated at the time of publication, We are promised to do so immediately.

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