Hyundai Santa Fe official preview

Hyundai Santa Fe official preview

The current generation of Hyundai Santa Fe is the oldest car of the Koreans range, which is likely to affect the car sales. Asians, however, take advantage of New York Auto Show to present the first official renderings of the SUV.

Hyundai Santa Fe is designed according to the company’s new design language, called suggestively Storm Edge. This is an evolution of current topics of graphics used at Hyundai cars, Fluid Sculpture. The picture shows us the new model from the front, but the back it is a complete mystery.

However, we see that the car lines are a blend of fluids forms, adopting the current technology and take angular reasons. The lights are using DRL technology (Daylight Running Lights), the high hood and bumper creates a massive majestic, typical for SUV. The new trapezoidal grille brings a new image.

The side remembers of the current ix35, and chrome line of windows separates from the “shoulder” above the rear wheels, all ending with a flaring. Stops are extended on rear wing and wheels in five-spoke twins create a sporty design. We’ll see how the production car will materialize, and this will happen just in time because Ford Kuga and the new Honda CR-V receive a new rival.


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