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Modification New Yamaha Vixion 2011 | Move to CBR 1100 RR

Modification New Yamaha Vixion 2011 | Move to CBR 1100 RR
Modifikator wardoyo from Dave Motor Concept (DMC) was forced to think and work hard to accept the challenge of M. Safari, owner of Yamaha V-Ixion. Section, which had asked for modified motor mount a model moge, but not like the Yamaha R1 or R6 FZF.

Modification New Yamaha Vixion 2011 | Move to CBR 1100 RR
M. Safari just ask contrived like the Honda CBR 1100 RR. Do not bother? Inevitably, Ward was forced to perform because of mutilation should be out of the grip. "Usually, upgrading motor sport motor sport cruiser so genuine and same brand. But as demand con consumers, must be lived, "said the man who practices in sawangan Depok.

Basic carpenters 'mutilation', not human but the plate, changing the shape judged not work too hard. Moreover, by using the plates, another thing if you use fiber or buy bolt-on variety.

Ward greeting evidence shown on the fairing which is fully formed from the plate. In order to form harmonious and original approach, lights vario Honda is selected, otherwise easily obtainable.

The tank then, ranging from the shape and dimensions to match the fairing. In addition to the tank, the cover was up to the stern of the necessary adjustment forms. Again with the help of the plate and its dimensions were swollen about 5 cm to the left and right.

Modification of the contrived little, according to the owner desires. The trick, according to Ward, by first extending the middle of the original swing arm about 7 cm by means of plates of about 7 cm which tricked the link unitrack.

So deh, Honda CBR 1100 R


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