Maserati’s SUV will not be called Kubang

Maserati’s SUV will not be called Kubang

Maserati will not call their future SUV Kubang, as this was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

The future Maserati SUV will be launched in 2014 at the Detroit Auto Show, but will not keep the name of concept which was announced at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, the intention of Maserati to build a SUV. So, Maserati SUV will not be called Kubang, but will have a completely new name, hopefully one that you will be able to spell without twisting your tongue.

It is not the first time when we hear the name Kubang. In 2003, Maserati had another attempt of an SUV concept with the same name, but has not received the green light. Now, after Fiat took the control of Chrysler, Maserati SUV becomes a certainty, because the concept shown at Frankfurt 2011 is using the technique platform of known Jeep Grand Cherokee.



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