Audi Buys Ducati for 841 Million Euros

Audi Buys Ducati for 841 Million Euros

Everybody knows Ducati, the famous Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. The announcement from 2010 about collaboration between Ducati and AMG, Mercedes-Benz sport department, took us to the conclusion that the next step will be buying Ducati by Mercedes-Benz.

However, now we have a major surprise: Ducati officially signed with Audi, Mercedes-Benz premium’s rival. Besides this, the surprises continues, because it’s a huge amount, about 840 millions euro (ie $ 1.1 billion).

Ducati is the third acquisition from Audi’s portfolio, Lamborghini and the design studio Italdesign, most analysts considering the purchase a new step in the fight of Audi vs BMW. Basically, from now on, Ducati will compete directly with BMW motorcycle division, and sales of Italian motorcycles hopefully will help in the battle against the rival from Munich. However, there are analysts who believe that the price paid for Volkswagen group for Ducati is exaggerated.


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