Honda NSF250R Introduced at Catalunya Priced Around EUR23,600

Honda NSF250R Introduced at Catalunya Priced Around EUR23,600

Honda NSF250R Introduced at Catalunya Priced Around EUR23,600
At Moto3 Catalunya, Honda Racing Team reported introduced their 250cc bike 4-stroke named Honda NSF250R.
The bike is equipped by engine 250 cc and sets to go on sale on December this year.
The Honda NSF250R will be priced about EUR23,600.
Team Honda introduced a new motor at the event Moto3, in Catalunya. The 250cc four-stroke motors introduced by Repsol Honda Racing Team is NSF250R. The plan this bike will be sold in bulk.
Honda provided few details about the new project and NSF250R will be released to the market price of EUR23,600. Meanwhile sales are expected to begin in December.
With a 249cc DOHC single cylinder engine, showing the power of racing machines and the maximum response. Energy intake and exhaust from front to rear to increase the efficiency of filling the air. The slope of the cylinder is 15 degrees to increase the stability of the machine. Great power for high rpm range and system which combines valve DOHC titanium. The new design also offers increased efficiency of filling the air along with raim-air intake, with 50-mm diameter bore.
The details of the concept chassis, Honda explained that the basic concept mengaciu on RS125R chassis. Frame NSF250R RS125R similar to that. To optimize the balance and the torque of the 4-stroke engine, frame specification is determined from the actual test and CAE analysis.
A swing arm and frame configuration that allows the motor to produce structural characteristics of the motor becomes more subtle. Overall, improved stability during braking, but still nimble when bulldoze the corner.
The Spaniard, Alex Criville will finish the demo laps NSF250R, this weekend at Catalunya GP

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