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Improving Performance Honda Astrea Grand

Honda Astrea Grand Modification

Honda Astrea Grand is a 100cc motorcycle generation of Honda's pretty tough. You could say as tough Supra X. 100cc Honda engine that was different from the Honda 100cc engine that now. More precisely the purpose of Astrea Grand saia and Supra X has performed better than the Fit X and Revo. For those of you who've tried the four motors are, of course know the difference.

In order to perform more powerful Grand Astrea again, there are several steps that must be done. First, intake manifold (goose neck) smoothed by rubbing paper (cost ± Rp3orebu). Still not satisfied, the standard carburetor Carburetor can be replaced with Yamaha's RX 100 (cost ± Rp140rebu). Guaranteed acceleration increases. Honda Fit X and Revo will not be able to keep up. Because the speed of X and Revo Fit after passing a number 95km/hour, the ascension very slow. In fact, sometimes it is not increased. This is because there CDI Fit limiter on X and Revo. Another way would just bore up the engine. But the cost would be more expensive so saia first explain how the course: P

But that must be considered is the installation of the carburetor Yamaha RX 100 to release the original carburetor filters. No need to worry, bro n sis can adopt a variation of the carburetor filter brands. Do not let the motor without carburetor filters. Can damage the engine because of dust and dirt into the fuel. As a result, making the cylinder liner blisters. So do not forget to install the carburetor filter variations in Honda Astrea Grand carburetor after changing the RX 100.

Estimated cost:

Refining the intake manifold = Rp 30,000

Karbu Yamaha RX 100 = Rp 140.000

Filter carburetor variation = Rp 30,000

Total = ± Rp 200.000

We apologize if not exactly the same cost. It estimates the cost of reply in Yogyakarta. In one of Castrol Bike Point. In addition the choice of carburetor filter variations affect the total cost of course.


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