The most luxury British feline: Jaguar XJ Ultimate

The most luxury British feline: Jaguar XJ Ultimate

At Beijing Auto Show, Jaguar introduced the most luxurious model of its range, XJ Ultimate, based on long-wheelbase version of “flagship” of British manufacturer. Outside a few minor changes can be observed, but give a touch of elegance and style to slightly redesigned British car.

Slightly redesigned front bumper, the exhaust with oval profile and Brown 20-inch wheels specially designed for this model emphasizes the elegant character of car. Even if Jaguar brought changes at exterior for the new XJ, the interior is what defines this model. Rear seat was replaced by two independent seats separated by a center console.

Jaguar XJ Ultimate is a sedan designed for successful people, most probably businessmen who like to travel in the rear seat. Perhaps because of this, British manufacturer has installed a special place to cool the champagne from the rear seats. UK manufacturer made everything possible, so passengers to not get bored, installing a tablet PC in front seat backrests, which are connected to a system of sound with 20 speakers created by specialists in this field, Meridian.


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