Yamaha VMax Burner King

The test of the Yamaha Vmax  Burner King
Ignorant, arrogant but also terribly charming, Yamaha Vmax is a really special bike. This is the verdict of our unique test. It has been a few years from market launch (it was 2008), but his lines and especially its V4 are far from being considered outdated.

Carved into the metal, this Yamaha is an orgy of details and precision engineering components manufactured with painstaking care. Like it or not, his lines do not pass completely unnoticed, and where the eye does not come, we think the sound of his terrible V4 to attract attention.

That figures!
1,679 cc, 200 hp at 9,000 rpm with a torque of 17 kgm, many that we could tow a boat (not so small), numbers that impress on a superbike, but who terrorize on a motorcycle cruiser 310 kg Kerb . The transmission of power through a 5-speed gearbox and shaft drive primarily to a very fine-looking.
The V4 65 degree set in a diamond frame made of aluminum, has no filter, 0 traction control, power is kept at bay only by the pilot through the YCC-T Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle, the electronic management of 'accelerator.
The YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake), however, changes the length of the inlet, a long intake passage is more effective at low and medium engine speeds, while a shorter intake passage increases to high performance.
A trio of enormous daisy disc slows down the mass of the Vmax, torque from 320 mm on the front wheel (with six-piston radial calipers) and single well of 298 mm for the rear (opposed piston caliper). To oversee the whole, an ABS system, that protects from bad surprises.
Considering the mass involved, are of particular importance to the suspension. Less than 52 mm fork with oxidized titanium coated stems and compression and rebound adjustments. Monocross rear suspension, hydraulics also adjustable for preload and also (with a handy remote control), may rely on a progressive motion. The wheels are both 18-inch tires and 120/70 and 200/55 respectively fit.

The test drive
With just three seconds, the time to climb the Vmax, to understand that the "game is fun" but the commitment is not required by all. The weight is there and you can hear everything, especially from standstill. The only act to straighten the bike and remove the side stand, requires an effort far above average. Maneuvering the wide handlebar is equally challenging, and until you put in motion and continued efforts are repeated!
A turn of the key (if you can talk key given the unusual cylindrical shape of the same) and the dash remote (as placed on the fake tank) welcomes you, analog instrumentation while the handlebar starts to fuss.
The sound emitted from discharges is thrilling, and a couple of handfuls to allow gases to sense the character of quadricilindrico Yamaha. The driving position is comfortable and welcomes the seat back of the driver in a princely manner, while any passenger is better that he stay home.
I leave the writing and as soon as I get on the road ... and scoured sleeping gas!
Well there is dirt on the ground, I say, the cold rubber ... the astral conjunctions and so on. None of this, with the Vmax if you do not want to lose grip at the rear, we must focus on gas and act as if you were wielding a fresh egg of hen. The departures from the first traffic lights are all of them characterized by conspicuous black stripes left by the 200 back, which not so hot because of the asphalt hard to ground the power. The main problem in these cases is "not to take too much taste," and it's really hard I assure you.


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