BMW 645 Extreme


Here car modifications bmw 645 convertile take the concept of extreme modification, the car was modified by alpine work.Modifications bmw 645 take a extreme modification concept, in addition  car modification is arguably a luxury car modifications because the car’s interior has the luxury audio and video.

The exterior of this car remains unchanged. Bmw 645 who initially had the impression of elegance and sport, hands alpine work  car was transformed into extreme sports cars is grim and gallant .. can be seen at the front of this car has a curve to the extreme with airbrush paint this car looks like a monster car. Modifications bmwhas a pair of head lights with designs such as tiger eye that provides sharp lighting. does not eliminate the element of bmw, dibagaian end there is a logo bmw car hood to indicate that this car made by bmw manufacturer.
Viewed from the side it looks a sports car with 26 inch wheels modifications bmw has the impression monser sport, this car has two seats with luxurious interiors complement the interior modifications.

Modifications bmw 645  interior section has  seven  monitor andinstaled box four 12 inch basses and seven 4 inch speakers that will spoil this alpine motorist claim.
Back of the bmw has a design extreme, with a wing design to stabilize the flow of air sports car when it drove the streets. This car has a pair of exhaust snout bummper box at the bottom rear.


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