Cool Modification Harley Davidson

Cool Modification Harley Davidson

This alarming custom congenital Harley 1.4301 is created by Horst Dzhangmen. The admirable machine, as per Horst, has aggregate duke congenital added than agent and frame. The abundant mesmerizer is not a one day admiration but took appreciably too continued a time (2006-2009) to cut all genitalia in the anatomy of hexagon to accord it eye communicable looks. Featuring a Harley Davidson Shovelhead 1340 cm3 agent and manual and adapted HD FX frame, angle and the pendulum, Harley 1.4301 has PM advanced and RST rear brake. Apart from these, the bike is able with HD 19″ advanced and HD 16″ rear wheel, admitting its advanced and rear annoy are 110/80/19 and 170/70/16 respectively. All the handcrafted genitalia in the anatomy of Hexagon and HD tag are abundant for any bike alarmist to abatement for this amazing custom built.

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