Vauxhall Announced Three New Transmissions

Vauxhall Announced Three New Transmissions

During the speech at Geneva Motor Show, Karl-Fredrich Stracke, Opel’s chairman, announced in the near future emergence of three new gearboxes. Although the premium boxes with double-clutch gearbox are no longer a novelty, GM has this technology available on any model.

Karl-Friedrich Stracke, Opel’s chairman, hinted during Geneva Motor Show, that in the near future will install a double-clutch transmission with seven gears on a model from GM group, without specifying the brand or model (probably Vauxhall Insignia). In addition to new double-clutch transmission, General Motors will launch two gearboxes: manual with six reports and for the upper class models, an eight-speed automatic.

Stracke said that the Vauxhall Insignia has been proved that can be produced a luxury car, but they need a new model to introduce in premium segment and to remain there. He said that the alliance with SAP, which is now confined to developing a common platform, would involve the exchange of technology for the development of three transmissions.


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