Land Rover at New York 2012

Land Rover at New York 2012

Land Rover takes advantage of Auto Show from New York to celebrate his 25 years on the U.S. market and the general public on that occasion present a concept called DC100 Expedition and one special edition Discovery and for Range Rover Sport.

DC100 Expedition is almost identical with DC100 concept presented at Frankfurt Motor Show from 2011. The only differences are that the Expedition is also a snorkel, roof rack and a crane. In addition, it has sonar, with which measures water depth to traverse. It seems that Land Rover wants to test in this way bringing a similar model with Land Rover Defender from the U.S. market.

On two special editions Range Rover should be noted that they were subject only to changes in design. The first special edition, called Range Rover Supercharged Limited Edition, stands out through the body and red brake calipers the same color.

Inside, this version draws attention with huge leather chairs and sound system of 825-watt Harman Kordon. This model will be produced in only 500 copies will be available only in the United States. The second version, called LR4 HSE Luxury Limited Edition, corresponding European Discovery. This provides an improved exterior view, because alloy wheels 20-inch and chrome.


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