162mph on ice, with an electric propulsion

162mph on ice, with an electric propulsion

Electric RaceAbout prototype set a new speed record on ice, in the category of electric cars. Top speed was 162mph. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences from Helsinki, has launched in 2009, a project called E-RA or Electric RaceAbout. The car will be an electric sports car, combining ultra-light body with an electric propulsion system.

E-RA has four electric motors, one for each wheel and were produced by AXCO Motors. The body is monocoque and is built entirely of fiberglass and the batteries which are used are lithium-titanium. The test took place on the frozen lake Inari-Ukonjärvi (Finland), using tires of 225/40 R18 which adhesion is enhanced by attaching nails.

In the early morning weather was totally unfavorable for the test, but ultimately, the test driver, Janne Laitinen was lucky. He managed to reach an average speed of 252.09 km/h and a top speed of 260.06 km/h. Unfortunately, the performance could not be put on Guinness World Records, because there is no category for this time of trial.


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