The New Audi Technologies in the Future

The New Audi Technologies in the Future

For the future of Audi electric cars, German engineers have teamed up with U.S. Company WiTricity to build wireless systems supply electricity to car batteries. Is not a new idea this “wireless charging”, but Audi will be sure that they provide the most reliable technology.

The principle is simple: in the parking space is mounted an induction coil, which generates a magnetic field when electric current is passed. The magnetic field reaches at a sufficient distance to produce, on its turn, electricity into another coil, this time mounted on the car.

So, without the need of cables, the car batteries can be charged simply, Audi engineers promised that this will not be affected by rain, snow or ice. They also promise that this technology will be available on production cars within two or three years.

Garage Parking Pilot

It is a system to which Volkswagen engineers are already working for. “Parking Garage Pilot” will combine the existing system Audi Parking Assistant with the new autonomous driving of the car.

The car systems will interact with the local wireless of the parking, which will communicate to. Avoid unwanted collisions will be provided by equipping cars with future system of vehicle-to-vehicle communication.


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