Vario CBS Techno Modifications


Honda Vario Techno CBS did not much like his brother extreme modified Honda vario or BEAT. Understandably, the newly launched mid this year. From different origin have been polishing their ducks standard form to be so elegant and classy. This motor finally converted into a minimalist style. “If retro, it’s time to short, for his part-time and cann’t vain,

Simple changes appear on the legs and the handlebars, plus a reinforced component first variation in chrome. Handlebars using a Kawasaki Ninja handlebar bracket mounted variations. Use of the handlebars that forced the triangular cross the swollen sokbreker nearly 4 cm..

 No difference at the front legs, rear also adjusted. For the axle, reversed only 3.5 cm. “Intentionally short diuat because according to the fashion minimalist theme. It creates the impression of simple elegance, but not easy too. Because, “Vario CBS has a sharp curve of the body that had to be fitted in detail the color game,”.

Deck section was given a golden color to support harmonisasi.Maksudnya, to connect to the engine cover cover cover front, so it looks nice and contrast.
Sengnaj paint strokes left rough so that the color more pronounced. The combination of visual combined handmade cushions that match the concept of deliberately contrived and colors that already exist on the motor.


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