Modifications Suzuki Thunder


Cahyono Edi Santoso from Leo Airbrush (LA) have a comment about the standard view that less sporty Suzuki Thunder. He and his team spoke at a contestant on contezt modifications that take place in City Mall Tangerang.
Get off at class ridiable x-treme, motorcycle display quite so attention. Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder Body Yamaha VixionVisitors must have a new more attention if the engine ngeh Thunder 125. How not original Thunder, a conventional sport-style touring. In the hands of LA, all so different. "Only the engine is used," he explained.

Including extreme booty. Builder familiarly called this Yono glanced Yamaha V-Ixion as a reference. Hence V-Ixion chassis used. "Of course not exactly standard. In centerbone, implement modifications ordinary baseball. Yep, according to contezt class of x-treme, quasi-baseball double rear monosok pretentious or unusual, "he explained.

Investigate a calibaration they take Aprilia design with quasi on the side. "It seems more eye cathing right? Soknya KTM's wear, "he explained.

"Besides that quasi placed on the sides, tubular pipe design that protects the top of this machine is also the main attraction and thicken the sporty impression," Quite obviously they succeeded. The jury members rate this bike also agree that the choice of quasi-side design and tubular pipe typical Italian motor makes the bike more compact.
The more ritually pure, they also need to give a touch of muscle bike in the middle sector. Center-style cultivated bone nets Italy kinds of motor sport.

After that they switched to the foot of the foot. For the legs, the wheels are not chosen too extreme as a benchmark class that requires the element of ridiable. LA selecting alloy tire rim width 100 with 2.50 inches. Medium rear tire width of 130 pairs with 3.00 inch rims.

Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder Body Yamaha Vixion, Moderate accentuation in the sector estesis fitted glass tank with a way to view the content of gasoline. (


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