Kawasaki ZX10R


This bike is the alone boston red sox zx10r i accept anytime seen! This bike has alot of time, energy, heart, and money invested in it, and it can now be yours! This bike has so abundant i dont apperceive area to begin. It is a 2007 kawasaki ZX10R. The bike has about 1265 afar on it and has won abundant awards at assorted shows, including the apple of wheels. This bike has a: 300 swingarm 10″ continued rc apparatus calypso featuring 20″ x 10″ rear caster in chrome avon acidity banal advanced / 20″ 280 rear annoy catchy rear air ride abeyance roaring toyz blooper on bankrupt (it rumbles) l.e.d. Strobe ablaze kit / strobe ablaze kit / anxiety arrangement / aerial 7″ awning moniter / aerial speakers advanced and rear. Boston red sox affair acrylic done by analgesic kreationsfeatured in abundant magazines including 2 caster tuner


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