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A couple of weeks it was a Suzuki Katana Ceper in my local bike shop. And it is a magnet for all, despite the presence of very modern equipment of high quality. It was the first time I saw the legendary Katana closely, and I thought it was better in the metal than in pictures. Katana Steve Adams, however, looks fantastic in the photos, and shows the enduring power of Fell Power / Muth box design.

English Adams said he started cycling in 1980, when he was 16. It started with Vespa and Lambretta, but when he was 19, he had progressed to a mighty Katana 1100th "Although he only held one or two years before he left a great impression," he said. (Personally, I am surprised he is still alive.) "Three years ago I started saying that I wanted a bike, and concluded that a Katana would fit the bill." Adams had no illusions chassis 30 years, but to know that "to make my glasses rose-brown shit." Thus began Kat looking for a donor, which could block mercilessly, without feeling guilty. "I bought a non-operating 82 750, carried home and to destroy. My original idea was to use an engine and chassis Bandit Bandit 1200, so I bought a donor too." Recognized however, that the biggest Adam's Katana air-cooled engine is a sign of the bike and body, and sold the bandits.


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