Unique Motor Modifikasi

This is a great class podium change Extreme Contest CARS Plus. Last week, in the auditorium of the UPN Veteran, was Allan Suzuki Shogun excellent filly. Modifier Doska judge. Minister SUPEN, Gg. Dewi Sartika, UH VI/1206A, Pekalrejo, Yogyakarta. Is this a special competition for the title to change the engine. The concept I smell duck fight MOGE bad road. Do not let the left-right, you do not use motor sport fairing. All parts of the body dilengser.Dimulai age change in the foot, the foot determine the duck seems robust. the future of the suspension of 5 cm, combined catches Almu innate arm Yamaha TZR 125th Print Mencuat live with the rear swingarm Allan longer works. Soft monosok cut gas stolen Yamaha Ohlins R6.Tampang Orsi violent harmonious facade rests on the stern. Glass fiber mat made seat multi-level model. "Overview of the sharks as pemangsa mouth," the father of a daughter of this supplement.


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